Rome, Florence or Venice, the snowy Alps or coastlines of the Cinque Terre and Puglia, the wine regions of Tuscany and the lakes of Como and Garda.

Italy’s choices are incredible and varied. Be it a romantic honeymoon to Venice, family villa experiences in the Tuscan countryside, bucket-list itineraries to Rome and Florence, beach breaks in Puglia or mini-cruises along the coast: Italy has an endless array of choices.

An Overview

If you want to spend your trip discovering artistic treasures, relaxing at sea, savouring local cuisine, shopping for artisan crafts, recharging by a lake or simply relaxing in a luxurious hotel or villa – glass of wine in hand – the “Bel Paese” is beloved by travellers worldwide.

Our bespoke experiences are customised across all locations and can include:

With Visumo Travel, you can discover Italy in luxury according to your requirements.

Let us know your interests and passions and we can give you personalised assistance to make sure your bespoke itinerary is flawless and unforgettable.