Spiritual Healing and Wellness

Serenity and contentment: luxuries money can’t buy.

If you are looking to find your inner balance, we can arrange a personalized mindful and wellness retreat in Italy.

Center yourself with one-on-one yoga and meditation practices, unplug and reconnect with a wellness and spiritual healing retreat, or stay in a deluxe spa estate surrounded by the Italian countryside. Realign your body and mind through a healthy Mediterranean diet and physical activity, complete with personal trainers and nutrition specialists.

We will customise your experience based on your desires, requirements and levels of fitness, including:

  • Private one-on-one yoga, meditation, MBSR with private teachers, trainers and healers
  • Massage and soulful healing treatments – including Reiki, Cryotherapy, Reflexology, etc.
  • Fasting, cleansing and fitness programmes
  • Quiet seaside, lakeside or rural retreats for the healing power of nature
  • Digital detox programmes for individuals and families
  • 24/7 concierge service