With its rugged cliffs soaring majestically over bright turquoise waters, Capri is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. From Roman emperors to Hollywood celebrities, the world’s elite has been retreating to this small island for millennia. Elegant villas draped in bright bougainvillea and some of the most exclusive hotels on earth beckon from the land. From the sea, exquisite yachts & state-of-art speedboats moor to take in the view. 

If you’re planning a trip along Italy’s southern coast, you will want to spend at least a day soaking in the sophisticated La Dolce Vita feel of this favorite haunt of Jackie O and Beyoncé. Shop the Italian and international haute couture boutiques along Via Caravelle. Stroll through the private art and archaeological collection in Villa San Michele. Linger over a drink in the buzzy main square, known as La Piazzetta. Bask in the sun at one of the private beach clubs facing the towering Faraglioni.

No matter how you want to experience the sublime atmosphere on Capri, Visumo Travel can help craft a dream-worthy visit. We love to share the unique barefoot luxury vibe that is both laid back yet white-glove. We can offer expert insights about how to make the most of your time on the island. In the meantime, here are a few of our suggestions for the best day trips to Capri.

Best Day Trips to Capri from Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the most famous resorts in towns along Italy’s southern coast and home to the storied Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. It sits on the northern coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula looking across the bay to Naples and Vesuvius. The furthest point of the peninsula reaches out like a hand trying to touch the island of Capri. This proximity makes it a convenient jumping-off point for a day trip to Capri. 

From Sorrento, you can opt for a full-day visit to Capri or just skip across the 14-kilometer span of water for a few hours to escape the crowds on the mainland. Either way, be sure to plan at least one meal overlooking the sea while on the island.  

Best Day Trips by Sea

No trip to Capri is complete without a cruise around the island. We recommend a full-day private yacht charter for maximum flexibility both in pace and itinerary. You can set sail from the Marina Piccola port in Sorrento in the late morning. The skipper can take you along the beautiful coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula past Punta Campanella, a marine reserve. 

Afterward, you should make the quick crossing over to the island. We recommend taking a turn around the entire circumference. If you get there early enough, you can beat the long lines at the Blue Grotto. Take in this magical sea cave and then cruise beneath the towering Faraglioni sea stacks. Be sure to steal a kiss as you pass under the archway in the central rock formation. You can also stop to take a dip in one of the many coves along the island’s coastline. For lunch, we suggest you stop at one of the waterfront restaurants to dine on the beach. You can sunbathe on land for a while or head directly back to your private yacht for a nap in the sun.

You also have the option of docking at Marina Grande, the main port on the island, for a few hours of free time to shop and sightsee on land. We can arrange for an island taxi pickup at the port for the ride up to the town center or for a driving tour of the island. Otherwise, relax for the afternoon on board with cool drinks and a completely customizable itinerary.

Best Day Trips by Land

If you don’t want to spend the day at sea, we can book you a simple private boat transfer by powerful speedboat to make the crossing in just minutes. You’ll be dropped at the Marina Grande port where an open-air island taxi and guide will meet you. You can decide to visit the Blue Grotto by land (be aware that the line to enter can be very long in high season) or spend the morning taking in highlights like Villa San Michele and Villa Lysis. 

For lunch, we suggest the Michelin-starred Il Riccio overlooking the water. Otherwise, we can book you into a beachfront restaurant so you can relax for a few hours on a lounger after your meal. 

In the afternoon, you’ll want to take a deep dive into the chic center of Capri town to shop the high-end boutiques and artisan workshops. You can also take in the views from the Gardens of Augustus and Tragara Belvedere. Before heading back to the mainland, grab a table in the bustling main square, known as La Piazzetta, for a cocktail. You may find a celebrity at the next table over.  


Day Trips to Capri from the Amalfi Coast

The spectacular scenery and fishing village charm of the Amalfi Coast make it one of Italy’s most A-list destinations. Positano and Amalfi, the highlights of the coastline, are set on the south side of the Sorrentine Peninsula. From here, it’s a fabulously scenic crossing to Capri. The island is one of the most popular day trips, if you can pull yourself away from the casual glamour of the Costiera Amalfitana. 

From the Amalfi Coast, we recommend setting aside an entire day to visit Capri as the crossing is a bit longer from this side of the peninsula. You can combine a private day cruise around the island with some time along the Amalfi Coast.

Day Trips by Sea

A cruise around Capri is a must if you are visiting the Amalfi Coast for a few days. For complete control over your pace and itinerary, a full day by private yacht is ideal. Depart in the late morning from Amalfi, Positano, or other ports along the coastline. Some waterfront hotels have a private jetty, so we can arrange pickup directly at your hotel. The cruise begins by skirting the length of the Amalfi Coast, so you can admire the Li Galli Islets and fishing villages like Nerano along the way. 

After passing the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula, you’ll head across to Capri and sail around the island. Opt to stop at the Blue Grotto for a visit (there can be a long wait to enter in summer) or continue on past the majestic Faraglioni sea stacks and Punta Carena lighthouse. Since you’ll be on a private yacht, you can stop where and when you choose for a swim. Relax over lunch on board or we’ll book you a table at a beachfront restaurant. 

In the afternoon, you can dock at the Marina Grande port for a quick stroll on land. Shop and sightsee in the chic center of Capri town and unwind with a final cocktail in the buzzy La Piazzetta main square.

Best Day Trips by Land

You may prefer to spend the bulk of your time discovering the island of Capri by land. In this case, we’ll arrange a transfer via speedboat to get you to the island quickly and comfortably. A driver and guide will meet you at the Marina Grande port. You’ll board an open-air island taxi to begin your day on the island in style. Highlights on land include the Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele, Villa Lysis, and a number of ancient Roman ruins.

The island is known for its range and quality of restaurants, so we can book you a table anywhere from a Michelin-starred hotspot to a casual beachfront eatery. Afterward, you can relax on a lounger at a private beach club or head to the authentic town of Anacapri to experience the quiet, timeless side of the island. You can even opt to take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro to admire the view.  

Before catching your private speedboat back to the Amalfi Coast, spend at least a few hours in the picturesque center of Capri town. Stroll the narrow lanes lined with designer boutiques and artisan workshops. Admire the panorama from the Gardens of Augustus and Tragara Belvedere. Linger at cocktail hour in La Piazzetta, the chic main square where celebrities from across the globe gather to see and be seen. 


Best Day Trips to Capri from Naples

Naples is one of the most captivating cities in Italy, a unique blend of opulence and grit. We recommend spending at least a few days discovering its treasures. Visit the world-class archaeological museum. Take in its ornate historic churches. Shop some of the best tailors in Europe.  

You can also use this teeming city as a jumping-off point for a day trip to Capri. We can book you a full-day private yacht cruise departing from Naples’ busy port. Set off in the late morning to sail across the Bay of Naples along the coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Spend the day at sea off the island’s coast, docking to have lunch or sightsee on land. 

If you prefer to make the most of your time and explore the island by land, you can also opt to make the crossing by helicopter. A driver will pick you up at your hotel and drop you at the heli-port at the Naples Capodichino Airport. The flight to Capri takes about 20 minutes, and a driver will meet you at the Anacapri heliport on the island. 


Day Trips to Capri from Rome

Did you know that you can even take a day trip to Capri from Rome? We can arrange for a driver to pick you up at your Rome hotel and drop you at the Naples port for a day cruise. The best option, however, is a helicopter transfer directly from Rome to the island. The trip takes about 75 minutes. Once on the island, a driver can take you to the Marina Grande port to board a yacht for a day cruise. Otherwise, a driver and guide can meet you at the heliport for a driving tour of the island and lunch before the return flight to Rome.