Stunning views, romantic atmosphere, breathtaking venues, and unparalleled cuisine. The best Amalfi Coast is undeniably one of the most unforgettable destination wedding locations in the world. 

If you’ve decided to tie the knot along this exquisite stretch of Italian coastline, you’re not alone. Thousands of couples say “I do” against the backdrop of the cliff-lined waters of the Mediterranean Sea each year. Often, couples book the great wedding venues on the Amalfi Coast months – if not years – in advance. So, you should settle on where you would like to hold your wedding ceremony and reception sooner rather than later.

There are a number of different types of wedding ceremonies you can hold on the Amalfi Coast. The type of ceremony in many ways determines the choice of venues you have. Here are the main types of wedding ceremonies and the venues where events can be held:


Best Wedding Venues of the Amalfi Coast for Religious Ceremonies


Catholic Ceremonies

If you are planning on holding a Catholic wedding ceremony on the Amalfi Coast, here are a few things to keep in mind for you:

  • You will need to provide religious and civil paperwork. Religious paperwork includes permission from your parish bishop and pre-Cana class certification, as well as Christening and Confirmation certificates.
  • You must issue civil paperwork within 6 months of the proposed wedding date. And must deposit religious paperwork at the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior to the wedding.
  • Catholic weddings in Italy can be legally binding, but you will have to hold a separate civil ceremony before arriving in Italy depending on the church location.
  • You can celebrate your ceremony in English or Italian (via an interpreter).
  • You should make a donation to the church as a courtesy.
  • Bride and bridal party dresses must be modest and cover shoulders and knees.

Best Wedding Venues on the Amalfi Coast for Catholic Weddings

Though many of the Catholic churches on the Amalfi Coast only allow weddings for local parishioners, there are some notable exceptions:

Amalfi: the exceptional 11th-century Duomo that towers over Amalfi’s main square allows Catholic ceremonies for non-locals. For pure wow factor and photo ops on the sweeping staircase and historic cloister, this is one of the top Catholic venues on the coast.

Positano: the iconic green and yellow majolica dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is one of the symbols of Positano. The gorgeous interiors are both sumptuous and intimate.

Ravello: there are a number of gem-like Catholic churches in Ravello for an unforgettable religious ceremony, including the medieval Duomo and baroque Church of St. Francis of Assisi.



Protestant Ceremonies

Though Italy is a predominantly Catholic country, there are plenty of wedding venue options for Protestant religious ceremonies, as well. To hold a Protestant ceremony, here are some facts:

  • You will need to provide religious and civil paperwork, which may vary depending upon your denomination (Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Reformed, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Evangelist, Methodist, Episcopalian, etc).
  • You can hold a Protestant wedding in churches or in other approved venues including villas, gardens, and hotels.
  • If you meet the necessary paperwork requirements, your Protestant wedding ceremony in Italy can be legally binding.
  • Though most Protestant churches are found in larger cities like Naples, pastors will travel to ceremony venues across the Amalfi Coast.
  • You can celebrate your ceremony in English or Italian (via an interpreter).
  • You should make a donation to the church as a courtesy and respect any modest dress codes.


The Best Wedding Venues on the Amalfi Coast for Protestant Weddings

Protestant weddings allow for a tremendous amount of flexibility regarding the ceremony venue. Venues can include historic villas with a view, gardens overlooking the coastline, and luxury hotel terraces:

Amalfi: the two churches only allow Catholic wedding ceremonies. Couples can hold their ceremony in one of the town’s luxury hotels with panoramic terraces. Otherwise, the adjacent village of Atrani allows couples to hold Protestant wedding ceremonies in their delightful cathedral overlooking the sea.  

Positano: there is no Protestant church venue in Positano. This romantic coastal village offers some of the most stunning villa, hotel, and garden locations along the coastline.

Ravello: though there are no Protestant churches in Ravello, the local Catholic Diocese has made several of its finest churches available for Protestant ceremonies. Couples can have a Protestant pastor perform a ceremony in one of the town’s fabulous historic churches.

The Best Wedding Venues of the Amalfi Coast for Civil Ceremonies

If you’d like to say “I do” on the Amalfi Coast with a wedding ceremony that is legally binding but not religious, you can opt for a civil ceremony. Here are the basics you need to know: 

  • You must provide certain civil paperwork.
  • An Italian official (mayor or civil registrar) officiates at civil ceremonies. They are legally recognized in your country.
  • The officiant performs the ceremony in Italian with an official interpreter. The text contains both articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows. You can personalize the ceremony with music and readings.
  • Civil ceremonies must take place in locations approved by the Italian government. These include town halls and other venues approved by the Italian authorities like historic villas and panoramic gardens.
  • Often, Italian towns only hold civil ceremonies on weekdays.
  • You must have two witnesses at least 18 years of age.
  • There is no dress code.

The Best Civil Ceremony Venues on the Amalfi Coast

You can hold a civil wedding ceremony in a variety of venues on the Amalfi Coast, from grand historic city halls to other storied landmarks and gardens:

Amalfi: civil ceremonies are held in the elegant Salone Morelli in the town hall. This is a former Benedictine Monastery dating from 1300. You can also hold your civil ceremony at the impressive vaulted medieval shipbuilding arsenals in the center of town. 

Positano: this is one of the most popular locations for civil ceremonies as they are held on an outdoor terrace overlooking the sea (weather permitting). In case of inclement weather, you can move the ceremony into the adjacent town hall’s pretty majolica-tiled main room.

Ravello: if you dream of a garden wedding, Ravello is the ideal choice as civil ceremonies here are held in the Gardens of the Principessa di Piemonte. Couples are welcome to decorate with flowers and set up a marquee or floral arch. In case of inclement weather, you can move the ceremony into the 12th-century town hall’s elegant marble Sala dei Matrimoni.


The Best Wedding Venues of the Amalfi Coast for Symbolic Ceremonies

A symbolic wedding ceremony (also known as non-denominational or secular) is ideal to sidestep the hassle of gathering the paperwork necessary for a legally binding religious or civil Italian ceremony: 

  • This type of ceremony is not legally binding. You will have to get legally married in your own country either before or after your symbolic wedding in Italy.
  • You have complete freedom as far as the content and venue for the ceremony. It can be as traditional or unique as you prefer.
  • A pastor, an Italian officer, or a family member can perform a symbolic marriage ceremony,
  • You can personalize the ceremony with original vows, favorite songs, poetry, religious elements, or other rituals.
  • You can hold a symbolic ceremony anywhere private events are allowed. This includes historic villas and gardens to romantic luxury hotels and even private yachts.

The Best Symbolic Ceremony Venues on the Amalfi Coast

Symbolic wedding ceremonies can be held anywhere on the Amalfi Coast that is available for private events, from grand historic city halls to other storied landmarks and gardens:

Amalfi: one of the most popular venues for a symbolic ceremony in Amalfi is the historic Saracen tower than stands directly over the sea and affords spectacular views of the coastline and town. Otherwise, there are a number of luxurious hotels with panoramic terraces that are particularly photogenic.

Positano: the romantic gardens of the 18th-century Palazzo Murat are among the most beautiful along the coastline for a small symbolic ceremony (you can also hold a reception at the villa), and there are also a number of private villas and luxury hotels with panoramic terraces that can be used for intimate or large symbolic ceremonies.

Ravello: despite its small size, this clifftop village is home to some of the most incredible venues on the Amalfi Coast for a symbolic wedding ceremony, including the historic Villa Cimbrone panoramic gardens, intimate Villa Eva, or the sumptuous Hotel Belmond Caruso, considered one of the finest in Italy.


The Best Wedding Venues of the Amalfi Coast for Receptions

Where you will hold your wedding reception depends, of course, on where you hold your religious, civil, or symbolic ceremony. Logistics for getting a large group of people around the coast can be tricky, as traffic is often clogged. The best solution is to hold the ceremony and reception close enough that guests can walk from one to the other. You can even hold certain civil and symbolic ceremonies at the same venue as the reception, be that a private villa or garden or luxury hotel. Here are some of our top wedding reception venues on the Amalfi Coast:

Amalfi: Hotel Santa Caterina and Grand Hotel Convento can both host a number of types of wedding ceremonies from religious to symbolic, as well as the reception following. 

Positano: Palazzo Santa Croce is one of the most striking villas in Positano, its deep red stuccoed walls and panoramic terraces an iconic backdrop for any intimate reception…that said, there are countless villas in and near the town center that are unforgettable venues. 

Ravello: in addition to the gardens at Villa Cimbrone and Villa Eva, we love the Hotel Belmond Caruso and Palazzo Alvino, two impeccable luxury hotels that can hold both certain types of ceremonies and receptions.