The Visumo Process & Terms

Visumo Travel Ltd supplies an unparalleled, premium and superior service that focuses on supplying the very best in quality, service and forward planning for our clients. We are not a package travel agent and do not supply “packaged holidays”, nor are we a simplified concierge service. As such we always seek to obtain the very best arrangements with our partners. Naturally this means securing advanced, full commitment on hard to find and hard to book services and experiences. As a premium booking agent and travel design business this is all reflected in our terms of business, charging process and in direct correlation to how many clients we accept and cater for each year.

Terms of Business

Our full standard terms of business explaining our complete service, step by step processes, conditions of service and additional T’s & C’s, where we act as an agent, will be sent to you at sourcing stage (see terms attached via button below) and will be additionally supplied with your final itinerary and hence sent to you prior to taking your Deposit Payment. However, we have included brief details as attached and accessed via the below button.

Legal Disclaimer

All descriptions and content on our website or otherwise issued by us is done so on behalf of our partner suppliers and are intended to present a general idea of the services provided only and not all details of the relevant services can therefore be included on our website. All services described are subject to availability.

If you require any further details, in respect of any partner or services we supply please contact us at